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Hello in this new crazy world

Just an update on what I have been doing and where I have been. On 30th November I was one of 50 artists to be picked for the Elmer Art Trail in Maidstone Since January I have been painting a large 3D elephant in acrylic (not usually my paint of choice) which will be displayed in the heart of Maidstone between June and August. Now in this changing world the art trail may be postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the elephant is now finished and waiting until this virus has passed. I have now had events cancelled and sitting at home thinking now what.I have many option but not sure which one to chose.

1. Finish the art cat series (Kahlo cat nearly finished

2. Start the picture book I have always wanted to do

3. Start teaching online (YouTube)

4. All of the above

What to do? Well life is not easy especially for a new illustrator now isolated at home. Any thoughts would kindly be appreciated. I will be blogging everyday so I can get a routine, see you tomorrow!

Frida Kitty in gouache (almost finished)

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Good to see your work

Me gusta
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