Chinese monster design.jpeg
Chinese monster mash inspired by antiques
racoon sketches.jpeg
Raccoon studies
Dip pen
violin women.jpeg
Stylized designs inspired by the painting 'A musician' by Eugene Grasset
botanical studies - oak and chestnut.jpe
Water colour studies of Oak and Chestnut
Character studies.jpeg
Character designs
quick sketch of Kahlo kitty before final
Quick sketch of design for Kitty Kahlo design
5 min life drawing studies.jpeg
5 minute life drawing
hare sketches 2.jpeg
Bird studies
Waterlily kitty progress.jpeg
Hare sketches.jpeg
art nouveau.jpeg
cups and jugs
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sketch book botanical 1
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mark making pen botanical  29
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art 24032015 503
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art 24032015 1082_edited
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art 24032015 1081_edited
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